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Ways to work with us 

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Services to help you make better decisions 

Individual Coaching

Benefit from undivided focus and attention on you and your goals, with a leadership coaching programme designed for you. Partner with a decision coach to better understand yourself, unlock your best thinking and come away equipped to make better decisions. Delivered remotely, in-person or in combination. 

Our most common programmes: 

6-month coaching programme

Friends Drinking Coffee

Leadership coaching is transformational and often requires deep work around specific goals, assumptions, motivation and skills.


Work with a decision coach over 6 -12 sessions to help you make better decisions and unleash your leadership potential

2-month intensive coaching

Two Men at a Meeting

At times urgent and important situations require intensive coaching to create the thinking environment, external challenge, support, and mentoring to help make better decisions.

We will work with and encourage you to say “no” to things to be able to say “yes” to better things.

Leadership discovery day

Image by Asso Myron

At critical stages in your leadership journey, you want to explore more foundational issues like purpose, values or style. Perhaps you have a more complex decision and would like a dedicated chunk of time.

Work with and walk with us, often in nature, as we support you, as a one-off or as part of your overall leadership coaching programme. 

Group Coaching

This is a popular and cost-effective way to access the expertise of a decision coach whilst tapping into the experience, stretch and challenge that comes from being part of an intimate learning community. Programmes typically last for 6-12 months,  and many continue.


Join one of our decision groups: 

Join a Business Leaders Decision Group

Man Using a Tablet

Book one of our popular group coaching programmes. You will join an exclusive learning community of up to 6 leaders from business and industry leadership.

Join a Educational Leaders Decision Group

Online Meeting

Join one of our freshly designed group coaching cohorts for educational leadership. This is a rare opportunity for Executive leadership, Headteachers and SLT 

Form you own
Decision Group

Image by Toa Heftiba

Why not work with us to form a coaching group of up to 6 leaders from your business, school, church or community - we will help you form and get the best from a group

All our decision groups will help you to improve your decision-making, build new relationships and tap into the collective intelligence and experience of others. 


We encourage you to bring your most challenging decisions to the group. We will provide short, relevant stimulus materials for deeper reflection and growth, both within the group and in between sessions. 


We ask that you throw yourself into the 6 sessions, lasting 75 minutes, delivered over 6-months. 

Image by Ugur Akdemir



​You will access a Zircon BeTalent Decision Style report. An assessment to understand decision-making styles verified by the British Psychological Society

Leadership Team Facilitation 

Enjoy a professionally facilitated, energising and thought-provoking approach to your team events. We are experts in virtual, in-person and hybrid delivery, that said we prefer getting 'offsite' for 2-3 days, giving space to walk alongside you and creating space for quality thinking and decision-making. 

Our most common programmes

Forming new leadership team

Image by Austin Distel

When a new team forms, it is a crucial period for leaders and leadership teams.

We bring significant experience, expertise, tools and processes to help you create the foundations of vulnerability-based trust, connection and performance.


We bring a combination of care, challenge, and collaboration, along with strategic know-how and decision-making expertise to help you get off to a meaningful start. We commit to then walking alongside you as you grow as a team.

Accelerating performance

Image by Dylan Gillis

Teams often fail to reach their full potential. There can be a lack of performance, a capability gap and sometimes dysfunction.

As diversity is encouraged and crossfunctional working leveraged teams need to learn to embrace conflict, leverage collective intelligence and make better decisions together. 


This requires a expertise in decision-making and a careful, constructive and objective approach to change behaviour and turn around performance

Facilitating critical meetings

Image by Christina @

External facilitation, perspective and challenge can benefit executive-level board meetings, critical leadership events, and annual strategy workshops


We will work with you as thought partners and expert coach facilitators, to create generative thinking environments, bringing structure, challenge and objectivity to your meetings.

We have deep expertise in helping set a compelling vision, developing choiceful strategies and making better decisions as senior teams.

Mark and Jon facilitated 2 outstanding sessions
across 4 days, all of which have allowed
our team to form and gel very quickly. 

Decision Training 

Decisions matter, research consistently shows that decision-making is a top capability for leaders, yet few organisations invest in developing the mindset and skills to help their leaders make better decisions. Work with our decision coach trainers, and lead the way, differentiating your organisation and your people. 


We have built a series of practical and tailorable programmes that help develop decision-making skills and experiences, from 2-hour bite-sized interventions to 4-day intensive immersions.

Jon Bircher demonstrating decision making to leadership class

Core Training ingredients


     Science of decision-making 

     Exploring personal decision preferences

     A clear process for decision-making

     Deciding how to decide 

     Creating better thinking environments

     Understanding and leveraging intuition

     Making decisions with character and conviction

     Tapping into the wisdom of teams 

     A focus on the implementation of decisions 

     The ripple effect, creating a better world

How it works






Jon and Mark truly ‘walked alongside’ us,
challenging us with engaging and
thought-provoking discussions.

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