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one2one leadership coaching 

Experience undivided focus and attention on you and your goals with a coaching programme designed for you

Leadership team coaching

Encounter a constructive and objective approach* to forming new teams and accelerating team performance by equipping leaders to create cohesive teams that deliver results

Organisational coaching

Feel the impact of coaching when applied at an organisation level. Our unique blend of questioning, listening, observation and feedback coupled with strategic and cultural know-how brings clarity, so you can focus on what matters

one2one leadership coaching

6 month coaching programme

2 month intensive coaching

Leadership discovery day

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Leadership coaching is about transformation and this often requires deep work around specific skills and goals

Sometimes that urgent and important situation needs addressing you want  intensive external challenge, support, reflection, mentoring and perspective

Explore more foundational or complex options with a dedicated chunk of time

We take an integrated approach, drawing on multiple tools and techniques as we believe it is important to adapt our coaching approach to suit each individual, their context and their goals. So please do enquire if you feel you need something different to what we have packaged above

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Leadership team coaching

Forming a new leadership team

Accelerating performance

Facilitating critical meetings

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Such a crucial time for your team and a defining time for your leadership. Lay solid foundations that encourage openness, trust, accountability and deliver the results

Teams can often fail to reach their full potential. Sometimes there is a lack of performance and even dysfunction. This requires a careful, constructive and objective approach to change behaviour and turn around performance

Critical leadership events and strategy days can benefit from external facilitation, providing you with a thought-partner and expert coach facilitator, to bring structure, challenge and objectivity so you can fully contribute to the meeting

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Organisational coaching

Vision and Ambition setting

Developing an Ingenious plan

Creating a thriving culture

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Leadership is about guiding an organisation from one place to another. Great leaders galvanise their teams around a daring vision and then do everything they can to support them in delivering it

Strategy is about the choices we make. It provides clarity of direction, which can be complex and challenging.  However, leaders must make courageous decisions every day. Developing an ingenious plan, that the whole team believes in and is committed to, will drive results

People are increasingly becoming disillusioned and disconnected from their workplaces. As a leader, you have an opportunity to create communities where people can thrive, where your practised and aspirational values are aligned and where people have autonomy, mastery and purpose

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