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An underdeveloped leadership capability 

Decisions Matter  

Decisions have profound consequences, seen and unseen. Each of us will make millions of decisions in our lifetime. Decisions that shape our life story and have a wide-reaching impact on the stories of those around us.

Decisions shape our leadership and the lives of those we serve

Our leadership is visible in the choices we make and the way we make them. Decision-making shines a light on the quality of our thinking, the depth of our character, the warmth of our hearts, and the outworking of our purpose.

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We can all learn to make better decisions

Decision-making can be challenging, especially when the stakes are high, the pressure is on, and the options are unclear. Complexity is magnified when making decisions across diverse and cross-functional teams.


Research consistently points to effective decision-making as a cornerstone of leadership, yet few organisations invest to develop the mindset and skills that help their leaders make better decisions.


This is why we created a distinctive leadership coaching experience focused on walking alongside leaders and leadership teams as they make high-stake decisions.

Salt & Light exists to help leaders make better decisions.

Working at home

Coaching is a collaborative and thought-provoking partnership between you and your decision coach, where you will experience undivided attention on you and your goals.


We will use a blend of questioning, listening, observation and challenge to help you create fresh clarity regarding your situation, decisions and goals. We will help raise awareness, identify options, facilitate decisions and support ways forward.

What is Decision Coaching?

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Benefits of Decision Coaching

Make better decisions

Gain clarity of direction

Increased confidence as a leader

Increased focus and productivity

Greater self-awareness 

Less procrastination and overthinking

Greater work and home balance

Enhanced team performance

Make better decisions 

Join us on this journey of conscious decision-making, where we navigate today's complexities with wisdom and compassion, making choices that achieve our goals and leave a lasting positive legacy.

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