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Changing lives, one decision at a time

We strive to be better coaches asking better questions. Better questions stimulating better thinking. Better thinking supporting better decisions.  Better decisions developing better leaders.  Better leaders cultivating a better world.

Meet Jon & Mark

Co-founders and Decision Coaches 

Our Founding Story

Salt & Light was founded by Jon Bircher and Mark Herbert inspired by a serendipitous meeting at a bustling coffee shop in Guildford, England. Jon initially reached out to Mark through a coaching network, seeking support and connection. Our connection was instant, and our shared ideas quickly blossomed into joint projects, eventually giving birth to a thriving coaching company.


Despite our different backgrounds and leadership journeys, we discovered common beliefs and values. We are committed to cultivating deep, enduring relationships built on trust, care, compassion, challenge, and encouragement. We both have a passion for walking alongside individuals as they navigate life's most significant decisions.


Our focus on better decision-making has grown over time, as we witnessed the transformation in ourselves, our teams and our clients.


For Jon, moving from, a career leading a healthcare consultancy, decision-making shifted from a strategic, transactional, and intuitive approach to a more thoughtful, relationship-centred one, fueled by curiosity and insightful questioning. This had a profound impact. For Mark working in education and church leadership, decision-making transitioned from procrastination and anxiety to positivity, discernment, and peace, empowered by the power of pausing.


These personal experiences have shaped our purpose, our focus and the core values of Salt & Light.

Our Values

Being Salt & Light

Salt preserves and adds flavour. Light illuminates and provides a clear path ahead.  

Pursuing Better

Pursuing high expectations and high standards, for each piece of work and for each interaction to be better, to bring more​ 


Bringing our Best Selves

Committed to regular refreshment and reflection - having fun, spending time in nature, taking time out to pause, so we can show up to be the best coaches we can possibly be.​ 

Walking Alongside

Dedicated to being consistently present, there for people, generous with our time, encouraging and always investing in others.​ 


Staying Curious

Devoted to regular pausing, exploring, and deepening our knowledge, skills and character to become better coaches, colleagues and leaders​ 


Embracing Challenge

Revealed in how we hold the tension between challenge and care - we believe this is critical to better decision 


Salt & Light?

People often ask us - "where does the name Salt & Light come from?"

Salt and Light are biblical metaphors. We work with leaders from multiple faiths or none, but as Christians, we are committed to being Salt and Light as Jesus encourages his followers. For us, this means adding flavour and value to our coaching conversations and spotlighting your genius and shining a light on a clear path ahead.

Matthew 5:13-16


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His coaching has made a tangible difference to how I have approached challenges both at work and home
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