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Jon Bircher and Mark Herbert

We help leaders make better decisions

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Make better

Gain clarity
of direction

Transform your life and leadership story

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Our Story

We believe that our futures, and our leadership are determined by our decisions. Decisions shape the direction and quality of our lives. Our leadership is defined not just by what decisions we make but also by the way we make decisions. Our story essentially unfolds one decision at a time. We don’t always know the best decisions, but we can make better decisions.

This is where Salt & Light come in.

Coaching is an important investment that can have a transformative impact on your life and leadership. We are Decision Coaches  and commit to walking alongside you and your leadership team as they make high-stake decisions.

We provides a unique blend of leadership coaching, mentoring, decision thinking and strategic consulting capabilities for you and your team's leadership journey

Put simply we will help you make better decisions, gain greater clarity of direction in order to transform your leadership story, one decision at a time

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Mark has supported our team through group and individual coaching. The difference in the team as a result has been profound. He is adept at skilfully assessing the root cause of what someone is saying and supporting them to come to the same realisation as independently as possible. He provides a perfect balance of personal experience and humour, alongside empathy and listening. The way he has communicated and energised the team has been remarkable.

Head Teacher

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