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I am a leadership coach committed to helping individuals, teams and businesses find clarity of direction so they can thrive

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Find clarity of direction

Transform your life and leadership

 Build a thriving organisation 

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My Story

Founder - Salt & Light Coaching

I am an experienced CEO and strategy consultant with more than 25 years of leadership experience, most recently leading teams within a rapidly growing global consulting firm, where I also got to work with hundreds of leaders and executives around the globe.

I founded Salt & Light because I believe true leaders emerge when they tap into their whole person - their unique calling, strengths, skills, beliefs, style, good bits and even the quirks and ‘broken’ bits.

Coaching is an important investment that will have a transformative impact on your life and leadership. Salt & Light provides a unique blend of leadership coaching, mentoring and strategic consulting capabilities for you and your organisation's leadership journey

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My Approach

I am committed to helping individuals, teams and businesses find clarity of direction so they can thrive

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I believe people thrive most when they are invited to come up with their own ideas and tap into their own strengths, rather than being ’told’ what to do.  

My priority is the quality of the coaching relationship. I believe it is important to adapt my coaching approach to suit each individual, their context and their goals. This creates the trust and safety required to do the deep work often required for breakthrough.

My approach is structured around 3 core principles, providing a framework for coaching programmes and individual coaching sessions. However, I take an integrated approach, drawing on multiple tools and techniques; flexing between coaching conversations, strategic advice and thought partnership. I practice core coaching skills such as powerful questioning, deep listening, reflecting, raising awareness, exploring options and making choices.

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Jon is an outstanding professional, providing quick thinking, superb strategic commercial acumen yet coupled with high sensitivity and care of others. He has been immensely supportive of me over the years. I would recommend Jon as a coach and mentor to any professional who is seeking to develop their skills and leadership

Miranda Wheatley Price

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