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Transform your life and leadership story

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Leadership is an exciting privilege but it can also be a demanding and lonely journey

  • Are you facing ambiguity and complexity and need to make tough choices?

  • Are you clear on what makes you special and how to bring that to leadership?

  • Do you feel the pressure to ‘get it right' or ‘to have the answers’?

  • Have things got out of balance and you want to focus on what matters?

  • Are you struggling to unlock the potential within your leadership team or organisation? 

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A journey towards the future you

Together, we will go on a journey of transformation - creating the space to uncover who you are as a leader.

Through meaningful conversations, we will help you make better decisions and support change while exploring your leadership strengths, character and legacy 

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Define your own journey

One step closer to the leader you want to be

one2one leadership coaching 

Experience undivided focus and attention on you and your goals with a coaching programme designed for you

  1. Discover inner strengths and values

  2. Gain clarity and focus 

  3. Explore beliefs and options 

  4. Take action and move forward-deeper

  5. Transform your life and leadership

Leadership team coaching

Encounter a constructive and objective approach to forming new teams and accelerating team performance by equipping leaders to create cohesive teams that deliver results

  1. Uncover fresh team insights 

  2. Develop a foundation of trust

  3. Make faster, better decisions,

  4. Hold each other to account

  5. Develop competitive advantage 

Organisational coaching

Feel the impact of coaching when applied at an organisation level. Our unique blend of questioning, listening, observation and feedback coupled with strategic and cultural know-how brings clarity, so you can focus on what matters 

1. Develop a daring vision and ambition

2. Define 'how we do things around here'

3. Create structure, systems and process

4. Construct an ingenious plan

5. Embed purpose, autonomy and purpose 

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Jon Bircher

Meet Jon Bircher

Co-founder - Salt & Light Coaching

I am an experienced CEO and strategy consultant with more than 25 years of leadership experience, most recently leading teams within a rapidly growing global consulting firm, where I also got to work with hundreds of leaders and executives around the globe. I founded Salt & Light because I believe true leaders emerge when they tap into their whole person - their unique calling, strengths, skills, beliefs, style, good bits and even the quirks and ‘broken’ bits.

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Mark Herbert

Meet Mark Herbert

Co-founder - Salt & Light Coaching

I am a dynamic and creative leader specialising in behavioral profiling, self-awareness, decision-making and communications coaching. I love pushing high performing teams towards consistent excellence, as well and supporting dysfunctional ones.

I bring experience of working in and training people from a variety of different sectors including education, not-for-profit and corporate. My diverse experiences include Primary and Secondary Education, Church Pastor, Charity CEO, Sports Coach and Head of Delivery at C-me Colour Profiling. I have worked cross culturally and led a number of short-term projects across Africa.

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How it works



Let’s find time to talk, get a sense of each other, the chemistry and the potential fit



We'll begin a journey of exploration and discovery; you will experience undivided focus and attention on your situation and your needs



You have gained fresh insight and deeper understanding of your leadership calling and strengths and step out with a clear sense of future direction and purpose

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Mark has supported our team through group and individual coaching. The difference in the team as a result has been profound. He is adept at skilfully assessing the root cause of what someone is saying and supporting them to come to the same realisation as independently as possible. He provides a perfect balance of personal experience and humour, alongside empathy and listening. The way he has communicated and energised the team has been remarkable.

Head Teacher

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

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