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Experience game-changing coaching with Salt & Light

Better thinking
Better decisions

Better decisions
Better leadership

Better leadership
Better world

Decisions matter - we can all learn to make better ones

Are you facing a complex decision and don't know
where to start ?

Do you find yourself overthinking your decisions ?

Do you overly rely on your instincts and want to add more rigor or challenge to your decison making ?

Are you frustrated with the time it takes to make decisions

as a team ?

We can help you make better decisions 

Leadership is changing and becoming more complicated by the day. Leaders must make bold decisions as they step up and help their organisations succeed.

Our decisions demonstrate who we are, how we think, what we believe and what we value. In essence, our leadership is visible in the choices we make and the way we make them.

We get it - making decision-making can be tough, especially when the stakes are high,
the pressure is on, and the choices aren't crystal clear.


This is why we created a distinctive leadership coaching experience focused on walking alongside leaders and leadership teams as they make high-stake decisions. 


Meet Mark and Jon

Your Decision Coaches

We commit to walking alongside you in a deeply relational way, as both challenger and cheerleader.


We will encourage you to say “no” to things to be able to say “yes” to better things.

We will help you make better decisions by asking you challenging questions and helping you identify options.


We will provide the tools and support to help you put better decisions into action.

We are confident that working with us will help you to make better decisions and we will celebrate with you when you do.

Ways to work with us

We uniquely blend curiosity, reflection, encouragement and challenge

Individual Coaching

Benefit from undivided focus and attention on you and your goals, with a leadership coaching programme designed for you.  


Partner with your decision coach to better understand yourself, unlock your best thinking and come away equipped to make better decisions.


Delivered remotely, in-person or in combination. Most people start with a 6-session coaching programme

Group Coaching

Experience the impact of being part of a learning community committed to supporting each other in making better decisions.


This is a popular and cost-effective way to access the experience and facilitation of a decision coach. 


Form your own decision group or enquire about joining one of our cohorts as they run through the year. Programmes typically last for 6-12 months.

Leadership Team Facilitation

Enjoy a professionally facilitated, energising and thought-provoking approach to your critical team events. 


If you are forming a new team, accelerating team performance, seeking renewed cohesion or looking to make better collective decisions, we can help.


Experienced in virtual, in-person and hybrid delivery, we prefer getting 'offsite' for 2-3 days, giving space to walk alongside you.

Decision Training

Lead the way in shaping the leadership and decision-making skills of the people you are leading. 


Decisions matter, yet few organisations invest to develop the mindset and skills that help their leaders make better decisions. ​


We can support you with tailorable programmes that help develop decision-making skills and experiences, from 2-hour bite-sized interventions to 4-day intensive immersions.

How it works



Let’s find a time to talk,

share thoughts and

assess potential fit.



We'll ask better questions to

help you think better and

make better decisions.



Apply your new decision-making learning to future decisions with confidence and clarity.

Get in Touch

Office 4, 219 Kensington High Street, Kensington, London, England, W8 6BD

+44 (0)7920460704

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